Back in the system!

Last Wednesday it was time for us to say goodbye to the Lancaster Canal, make our way across the Ribble Link and back to the real world on the main canal system! We had seventeen days but it wasn’t really enough to see everything we wanted. I reckon a return visit is on the cards.

Six boats gathered in the basin above the staircase locks ready for the off. We were pleased to see Stewart and Jeanette from Kestrel, our partners on the way across. They were great lock buddies and a good laugh to boot!


This time I managed to get a photograph of the sculpture at the top of the staircase – well Stewart did it for me so we could be in it as well!


The weather was forecast to be poor and there was some doubt as to whether we’d be able to make the crossing but the wind was kind and we were allowed to proceed.



The rain held off while we were working our way down the locks at the top of Savick Brook but unfortunately, after that, it came down in buckets! I only managed to get a couple of photographs of the crossing.  I have found out to my cost in the past – smartphones and water don’t mix too well so I kept it under wraps!

Stewart sent us this photograph of us looking damp but cheerful in Savick Brook.


I managed to catch a shot of the boats behind as we went up the River Douglas.


Still damp, still cheerful, we carried on along the Rufford Arm towards Burscough.


We made an overnight stop at Rufford to dry out and carried on the next day. I was well chuffed to meet Cath and Martin from nb Moriarty. We met them in Aston Marina a couple of years ago and haven’t seen them since.


Cath took off her fleece and Martin removed his woolly hat to pretend that it was a lovely warm day but I don’t think anyone will be fooled! They’re also heading for Liverpool so hopefully we’ll be able to have a proper catch up there.

We’re in Burscough at the moment biding our time before we embark on the next leg of our journey – the trip into the docks at Liverpool. Many of the boats we’ve encountered this summer are heading the same way so I imagine it’ll be a very sociable stay and I’m really looking forward to it!

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