Stalked on Gordon’s Birthday!

It was Gordon’s 63rd birthday yesterday. We don’t make a lot of fuss about birthdays but it’s always a good excuse for a meal at a nice pub! We’d had plenty of time in Burscough to check out the local hostelries and had decided on the Hop Vine. When we visited last Friday we met Fred and his Philp’s Pasty – delivered all the way from Hayle and arguably the best pasty in Cornwall. Turns out Fred was a good mate of Gordon’s ex skipper on the Silver Fern, Bill Tate – he and Gord had a great chat!


It seemed an ideal place to head for a couple of lunch time drinks and a meal. On Sunday we heard from Elaine and Paul, boating friends who turned into motor home nomads, went ashore to a proper house, and have now returned to the nomadic life in a new motor home. They’re just about to start out on their travels again and wanted to come and stalk visit us in Burscough before they head off into the wild blue yonder. Perfect that they chose to arrive on Gordon’s birthday! We had a great catch up over a lovely lunch in the Hop Vine….


….and they produced pressies! I had wondered why Elaine asked us for a photograph of the sign on our boat and yesterday we discovered the reason. Her brother Trevor had used his scroll saw to cut out a triskele design identical to the one used on the boat and Elaine had covered it in Cornish Shells, bits of glass and little charms all things she’d chosen with care to reflect us and our life. Beautiful!


Trevor also made us a perfect copy of the boat sign.


These are definitely going to take pride of place on the boat and I’ll post a photo of them in situ when they do!

Elaine also gave us a bag of her incredible home made soaps. These’ll last us a while!


Unfortunately Bombo and Sam weren’t allowed into the pub while we were eating but they were happily retrieved from the car when we went into the bar area to have a post dinner drink.


We’re not sure when we’re going to see them again as they’re off down south and then to the continent and we’re staying north for the rest of the summer but they certainly made Gordon’s birthday special – they can stalk us any time!

PaulElaineCarAs you can see from the photo below, taken while we were on the River Weaver, Gordon’s not the sanest soul in the world…….


….. but there again, sane would be boring I reckon. Hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as I did Gordon!

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