An amazing trip into Liverpool

Last Thursday, accompanied by my daughter Ellie (and with a bit of a hangover after a great night out in The Hop Vine)…..

HopVine…..we headed out of Burscough towards Liverpool.

Passage into the city is restricted and needs to be booked well in advance. Our instructions were to meet CRT staff at bridge 9, which is a fairly easy day’s cruise from Burscough.  We had actually moored just before the previous bridge the night before. It’s quiet there, well away from the noise of the noise of the M57 – just what you need when you’re feeling a little delicate!

The CRT staff, helpful and cheerful despite the miserable weather, worked the locks and swing bridges for all eleven boats making the passage last Friday.

EllieOnBoard ReadyFortheOff


The four Stanley locks, which crews helped to operate, took us down into the Stanley Dock which is flanked by the largest brick built tobacco warehouse in the world.


TobaccoWarehouse WarehouseWarehouseDockFrom there we had a fascinating trip through Liverpool’s Docklands. We left Stanley dock through the rolling drawbridge…….


… passed The Docker’s Clock’…….


…..went through the Liverpool Link otherwise known as ‘Sid’s Ditch’



….and into the middle of the city through a series of short tunnels and a couple of locks.


UnderTheMuseum IntoLiverpool

WaitingAtMannIsland PastKathleenandMayintherain TowardsAlbertDock

IntoAlbertDock AlbertDock


Despite the rain, this was probably the most dramatic entrance to a city we’ve ever experienced capped by arriving at this incredible mooring.


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