One hundred and one statues exceedingly bare

The original ‘statue exceedingly bare’ from the song ‘My Liverpool Home’ graces the front of Lewis’s Department Store in the centre of town and was apparently a well known meeting spot.


It has rivals now, just up the coast at Crosby, in the form of the Anthony Gormley installation ‘Another Place’. We caught the train to go and see the one hundred identical sculptures of a naked male figure (modelled on the artist himself) that are scattered over the sands all looking out to sea. When the tide is high, many of these are beneath the waves, but at low water, they’re all visible.


It was a lovely day and the beach was busy, so I was lucky to manage to get this photograph of three of the sculptures with no other people in sight.


The figures are so wide spread that there’s no one spot on the beach where you can see them all.


The sculptures may have started out identical but weathering, seaweed, barnacles and human intervention have individualised them.

20150630_143551       20150630_144421       20150630_144942

I couldn’t resist a photo opportunity with one of the sculptures but, fortunately, resisted the temptation to molest it!


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2 Responses to One hundred and one statues exceedingly bare

  1. nb Chuffed says:

    What an interesting post – we’ve just been to Manchester Art Gallery where there is another Gormley suspended from the ceiling, but a bit more lightweight than your gentlemen I think.
    Best wishes

    • ewnhacul says:

      Hi Debby, thanks for your comment. Gormley statues get everywhere! There’s one from the same series as this on top of Exeter College in Oxford and another in the Thames outside Ian McKellan’s pub The Grapes. I love looking out for them.

      Cheers Dot

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