If you go down to the woods today……

When we were on our way to Tarleton to cross the Ribble we passed the National Trust property, Rufford Old Hall and promised ourselves we’d visit on the way back. No such luck. We came back on a Thursday and it was shut.

All was not lost. It’s a three and a half mile walk from where we moored in Burscough so, last week, we picked a sunny day and headed off there for a visit.

It’s a fascinating building with the oldest part dating from the 1530s during the reign of Henry VIII. The brick section, at right angles to the Tudor Hall is hardly young having been added in 1662.

OldHall2 OldHall


We wandered around the inside of the house (where photography is not permitted) and then had a look at the gardens. I had to examine this piece of topiary from several angles before I could make out that it was supposed to be a squirrel.





While the more formal gardens are very beautiful, my favourite part was this wild flower meadow beside the car park.


Rufford Old Hall also boasts a piece of woodland that borders the canal. When we visited, it was full of some rather strange beasties.

WoollenWoodsMole WoollenWoodsOwl WoollenWoodsBeehive WoollenWoods1

An exhibition entitled Woollen Woods had taken over. I reckon Diane’s pals Thumper, Billson and Pirate George from nb Ferndale would have felt right at home. They may even have been encouraged to jump ship to join their new pals – specially when they came across this poor fairy in distress.

SadDollShe really did look like she needed to be rescued!

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