A walk up Rivington Pike

Last Wednesday, as this sign informed us, we left Greater Manchester and crossed into Lancashire and got our first taste of the Pennines.


We moored at Adlington and decided to head off up the nearby Rivington Pike. The sign letting us know that we were entering the West Pennine Moors was a little the worse for wear!

SignWestPennines It didn’t take long to get some incredible views of the surrounding countryside. Behind the Bolton Wanderers Macron Stadium, we could see the Fiddlers Ferry Power station on the Mersey and, behind it, the Welsh hills.


You get glimpses of Rivington Pike on the way up…..


….but we were approaching it from the back and were not prepared for the incredible view from the top.


It was like looking at a map of our summer’s travels.  Unfortunately my phone camera doesn’t do the landscape justice so you’ll just have to take my word for this! We could see the Lake District on our right and could actually spot the Blackpool Tower and the Ribble Estuary.


On the left were the hills of the Peak District.


…and in the middle was Liverpool with the Welsh hills in the background.


MeView        GordMonument

Having taken the photographs to prove we actually got there, we descended the steep side of the Pike, past the ‘Pigeon Tower’ which was built by Lord Leverhulme as a summerhouse and looks like something out of Harry Potter……

PigeonTower PigeonTowerBack

…..down through the lovely terraced gardens….


…over the causeway across Rivington Reservoir and back to Adlington.


A grand day out!



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