A day out in Blackburn

We were advised by many people not to moor in the middle of Blackburn due to potential vandalism. Even our Pearson’s guide suggests caution advising that this mooring, close by the water point and services should only be used for day visits.

WaitingForWaterThe mooring at Eanam Wharf, they say, is better as it has security cameras but it’s outside a pub and I imagine would be noisy for oldies like us who like an early night.

EanamWharfWe opted to moor before Blackburn, at Cherry Tree and take the short train journey in to visit the market and the cathedral. On one side of Fleming Square sits the small cathedral with its light and airy nave……


….. and its stunning stained glass lantern…..

Lantern2 Lantern1

…which was particularly impressive when the sun came out.


On the other side of the square is the market. I love a good market and this one has all the stalls you’d expect but it feels a little modern for my taste.


The centre of the square is taken up with this sculpture, called Possibility. I couldn’t quite make my mind up about it – but it was popular with shoppers as a seating area.


I was very glad we visited Blackburn, the stained glass lantern in the cathedral was worth it on its own. I’m sure there’s much more to see than we managed in our short visit but we weren’t tempted to hang around to find out. I was even happier about this decision when, while walking from Cherry Tree to the locks, a passing local youth said ‘you still here?’ followed by something that sounded like ‘this is our river’. Wrong on so many levels but I wasn’t arguing!

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