Over half way!

It’s only twelve miles from Blackburn to Burnley but, when you go by canal, you pass through some lovely countryside with great views of the Pennines.

ViewRishton ViewChurch

At the village of Church you reach the half way point between Liverpool and Leeds – 63 and a half miles either way.


On to Burnley for us, where we moored on the embankment, otherwise known as the straight mile, despite the fact that it’s only three quarters of a mile long. It’s one of Robert Aikman’s seven wonders of the waterways.


The view on one side of the boat wasn’t too shabby…..


…the other side wasn’t so pretty, although having a Tesco so close was handy.


Our first visit was to the Weaver’s Triangle Museum on Burnley Wharf….


….where we picked up a Weaver’s Triangle town trail guiding us around many of the old mill buildings.

If you like your archaeology on the industrial side then you’ll be in seventh heaven in Burnley. There are more mill buildings per square foot than I’ve ever seen before. It was fascinating to walk around the town and see the remaining buildings.




We decided to stay around for an extra day to visit the Queen Street Mill Textile Museum which is reachable from Burnley by bus.

Seeing the magnificent steam engine Peace in operation was incredible…..



…..as was the visit to the boiler room.


…..and the weaving room with over 300 clattering looms.

WeavingRoom Weaving

The highlight of the mill for me was getting to listen to two ladies who’d worked in the industry all their lives, as had their families for generations before them, talking about their experience…..



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