Following the Witches Way up Pendle Hill

When you get to the top lock at Barrowford you’re as high up as the Leeds and Liverpool Canal gets.


You’re also as close as you’re going to get to Pendle Hill. The walk starts a bus ride away from the delightfully named village of Barley. The forecast for the day was a few light showers early then clearing up. Perfect we thought. This double rainbow before we set out seemed to be a good omen.


The first part of the walk takes you up past Lower and Upper Ogden Reservoirs with some beautiful views back down the valley.



As we got further up into the hills below Pendle the weather took a distinct turn for the worse. The showers were heavy, frequent and were hail rather than rain!  Seeing someone jogging the trail in these conditions made me feel like a wimp for considering giving up, even when the track turned into a small stream. The clincher was meeting three ‘older’ ladies strolling towards us in shorts. If they can do it so can we!

We persevered and were rewarded by some excellent views (when the hail stopped long enough to be allow us to admire them!)


MoorlandPath ViewFromTrigPoint

When we reached the trig point we were drenched and I was short of one pair of glasses. I’d put them in my pocket during a particularly heavy hail shower and they must have fallen out along the way. Hey ho I’ve got a spare pair and am due a new set soon anyway.


We couldn’t hang around on the top to take photographs as it was freezing blowing a hooley and there was yet another shower on the way but we did manage to spot our second rainbow of the day.


By the time we got to the bottom the weather had cheered up and the sight of the Barley Mow pub, with its log fire, was very welcome as we had a couple of hours to wait for our bus home. Pendle Hill seemed quite benign as we looked back up, hard to imagine how different it had been just a short while before.


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