A gentle stroll and a chance meeting

We’ve crossed from Lancashire to Yorkshire now, the land of my birth. I seem to have been welcomed back with some absolutely glorious weather. After our Pendle ‘ordeal’ we decided on a more gentle walk yesterday. Down the towpath from East Marton to Gargrave then back cross country following an easy section of the Pennine Way. As ever in the Pennines the views are stunning!


It’s always good to do a bit of gongoozling – lovely to watch other people working locks!


Close to Gargrave we came across some familiar faces. Cathy and Martin from nb Moriarty were heading west towards their winter mooring at Reedley Marina along with Susie and Robbie on nb Swamp Frogs. A hasty boaters’ meeting was arranged at the pub in East Marton.


We’ll be staying in Gargrave for a day so we didn’t spend a great deal of time there but we did manage a stop for lunch in the Dalesman Tearooms. This must be one of the most photographed tearooms in the country. It’s so picturesque, specially in the sunshine!


If you like old fashioned sweets there’s plenty of choice here but we plumped for a pot of Yorkshire Tea and a chip butty.


There were more amazing views of the countryside on the way back to the boat…..


Gargrave Panorama

….where we made ourselves respectable and headed off for an early doors meeting in the pub. It was great to catch up with Cathy and Martin whom we’d last seen in Liverpool and it was lovely to meet Susie and Robbie for the first time.

MeetingInPub2 Susie&Robbie

Last night was the ‘supermoon’ eclipse which was clearly visible from the back of the boat. Unfortunately it was impossible for me to photograph with my puny phone camera although I did manage this shot of the pre-eclipse supermoon on the way back from the pub.


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