Fantasy house hunting in the Yorkshire Dales

On Monday we retraced the first part of our Sunday walk from East Marton to Gargrave on the boat this time.


The scenery was just as stunning and we met a farmer moving his flock of sheep  from one field to another. Luckily they were moving in the opposite direction!


On Tuesday we’d planned another circular walk from around Flasby Fell – yet more incredible views.

ViewOfHills2 ViewOfHills

The cars in the photo above were a touch unexpected as we were well away from a road at the time. They belonged to a couple of blokes who were repairing the dry stone wall.


It reminded me of our mate Keith, on St Martins on the Isles of Scilly. Years ago he quoted this Pam Ayers ditty when he was repairing one of the walls on his croft.  ‘I am a drystone waller, All day I drystone wall, Of all appalling callings, Drystone walling’s worst of all’

The walk descriptions were a bit sketchy and we got ‘lost’ a couple of times which added a mile or so to the journey but it was well worth it.


Having admired the location, we had a look at one or two properties we passed, imagining living in the area.

House3 House2 20150929_153615 BigHouse

All lovely houses but unfortunately well outside our budget. In the end we thought the most we could afford is this abandoned lime kiln where we could live like hermits begging crusts from passing walkers!


Back at Gargrave, we visited the pub to recuperate and crossed the famous stepping stones before collapsing back on the boat.



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