Sheep Town? More like pie town!

Skipton’s name derives from the old English (sceap tun) or sheep town. It’s a lovely market town with a wide main street and an abundance of unusual shops.


There’s a lovely church at the top of the main street with some great stained glass…..

GlassChurchSkipton 20151001_105210

….and one of the most well preserved medieval castles in England.



The Yew tree in the central courtyard was planted in 1659…..

Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in the castle for a while – it’s easy to imagine her sitting in the withdrawing room looking at the view of the woods from this window.


In its defensive position at the top of the a hill it has a great view of the surrounding area. Apparently during the Civil War it was the last garrison in the North of England to hold out for the Royalists, surrendering only after a three year seige.

Castleview PorkPieShop


Skipton also has an abundance of shops selling lovely pies. There’s Stanforth’s butchers and Farmhouse Fayre that specialise in pork pies (served warm here in Yorkshire). We bought several from both and will do a taste test at some point. We had a delicious steak and ale pie in The Skipton Pie and Mash shop…..



….and had to work it off by going for a walk along the Spring Branch of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal……


….past the sculpture of Yorkshire bowling legend Freddie Truman…..


….and up through the beautiful Skipton Woods…..


…before heading happily back to the boat via a local hostelry or two.

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