Steam Train to Haworth – not!

Last weekend we were visited again by our friends Greg and Sue. The the plan was to meet up at Keighley Station and take the Keighley and Worth Valley steam train to the village of Haworth, home of the Bronte Family of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre fame. We bought our tickets and waited on the station like a bunch of excited kiddies.


The problem was that this is the train that turned up!

Cute and interesting as diesel trains go but not quite what we were expecting. Apparently the steam train had broken down and was now blocking the line. The diesel train would shuttle passengers between the stations before the blockage, but we couldn’t get to Haworth. Not to be put off, we decided to change our tickets for the following day and head off to there by car.

I’ve visited the village before but it was years ago when I was a teenager. I was surprised at how familiar the steep street felt – even after such a long time.


It’s a lot more commercial now but still manages to keep a ‘hippy’ feel……


….with some unusually named streets!


We walked past, but didn’t visit, the Parsonage which had been home to the Bronte family and is now a museum.


Unfortunately there was no time for a walk on the moors that inspired Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. We’re seriously considering visiting again, on our way back. I’d love to head off into the hills for an atmospheric walk. We’ll see what the weather’s like!


Behind the parsonage is the jam packed graveyard of St Michael & all the Angels Church where Patrick Bronte, the father of the Bronte clan, served as ‘perpetual curate’. It’s said to contain between 20,000 and 60,000 graves and was closed down by order of Queen Victoria in 1883 because of the major pollution it caused to the water table in Haworth. It would make an incredible backdrop to a horror movie!


Despite the disappointment, we had a lovely day out wandering around Haworth. We also enjoyed a great pub lunch that was only marginally spoiled when I found a guest in my salad!


The manager apologised profusely and gave me my meal for free so I couldn’t really complain.

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