A few days in Leeds

The day after we arrived in Leeds the weather definitely took a turn for the better! Unfortunately it wasn’t as warm as it looks in this photograph, but it was extremely pleasant.


Our first stop was to the Royal Armouries Museum, right beside the boat. As the name suggests it’s a museum dedicated to all things military. The central tower is amazing and, to my mind, wouldn’t be out of place on a star ship….


…. or perhaps a tardis!


Gordon enjoyed the museum, particularly the Oriental section but I failed to be enthused by all that weaponry. I did get a good view of our boat moored in Clarence Dock.


Next on the agenda was Kirkstall Abbey, so we walked into town, over the river Aire and past the converted waterfront warehouses to catch the bus.


The extensive ruins of the medieval Cistercian Abbey at Kirkstall Abbey are well worth a visit.

KirkstallAbbey2 ChapterHouse  20151008_123346


There’s a museum opposite with a recreation of a Victorian street but we had to head back into town so we gave that a miss for now. Something to do on our next trip to Leeds.

The reason we had to get back to the boat was to meet my cousin Diane’s grandson Jack and his girlfriend Emily who were taking us to dinner.


We had a wonderful evening at The Rum, Tequila and Tapas Bar just round the corner from the boat. Unfortunately for them it was a school night (literally as they’re both teachers) so the emphasis was on the Tapas rather than the Rum & Tequila. Altogether a more sober affair than the last time we got together at Diane and Bob’s Wedding Anniversary do. Next time the meal’s definitely going to be on us!

No visit to Leeds would be complete without a walk around Kirkgate Market. As a result of our visit there I’ve spent a couple of days smoking the bargain batch of five kilos of chicken breasts that I purchased. I’ve managed to squeeze it all into the freezer – but only just.


Last Saturday in Leeds was ‘Light Night’ where the city was going to ‘come alive with spectacular large-scale light projections’. We had to have a look at that! The trouble was that these projections were taking place all over the city. We’d looked at the leaflet provided and planned out what we wanted to see. Somehow, we managed, through a combination of unwillingness to hang around in the cold and just pure bad timing, to miss most of it. We did see this light show in the Millenium Square.


We queued for ages to see the ‘amazing light and water projection Whale Song’ only to find out, just before we got to the head of the queue, that we needed armbands to get in. It was cold, we were disheartened and could not face the trek back to get the said armbands and re-join the ever lengthening queue.

We traipsed back to the boat, via The Tetley where our spirits were revived by having a drink in the bar where a group of people were playing Irish Music. We also got some great views of the city lit up at night, so the evening wasn’t a total washout.

WaterfrontAtNight MooringAtNight


On our last day in Leeds we took the bus to Bradford to visit my first ever home, as listed on my birth certificate. My mother and I left there when I was just two months old so obviously I don’t remember it, but I found the visit to be a surprisingly emotional one. The street is right beside the university so is now student accommodation. Back then it was full of nurses, so the ethos was probably much the same.


I wonder what size the tree in the front garden was back then?

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