The Bingley Locks and an apple extravaganza

We’ve been very lucky on the Leeds & Liverpool to have had a fair few visits from friends and family. Last Sunday we were joined by Bob and Ruth, who live in Ilkeley and fancied a trip up the two sets of Bingley staircase locks. Needless to say we put them to work quick smart – you’ve got to earn your passage on Ewn Ha Cul!

BobWorking RuthWorking

BobRuthOpeningGateIn no time (and with very little effort on my part) we were at the top. While Bob and Gordon filled the boat with water, Ruth and I indulged in a cuppa in the tea rooms beside the top lock before strolling along the canal to find us somewhere to moor up. No long journeys for us – we were planning to spend the afternoon in the Bowling Park Community Orchard at Apple Day. What a wonderful event. Wandering around the orchard, you’d never believe you were virtually in the middle of Bradford.


We bought chutney, chatted to volunteers manning the stalls and, of course, had some tea and apple cake – lovely, but not as nice as the apple cake Ruth presented to us when they came aboard the boat earlier.

AppleDayCake AppleDayMusic

Bob and Ruth then brought us back to Ilkley where Ruth, Gordon and I had a walk around the Worth Wharfe Valley while Bob prepared us a wonderful dinner.


It was a lovely day out and refreshing to involve ourselves with people and activities that aren’t canal related. Over dinner and some very nice wine, we made plans for Ruth to give us a lift to re-visit Haworth. It’s great to have mates with cars!

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3 Responses to The Bingley Locks and an apple extravaganza

  1. Bob Sproule says:

    Hi Dot and Gordon, it was a lovely day and many thanks for the trip up the locks. a minor correction to your blog, Ilkley is in the Wharfe valley rather than the Worth valley. I hope the rest of your trip goes well and you enjoy the Bronte museum. Hope to see you again, best wishes, Bob

    • ewnhacul says:

      Oops! I’ve fixed that error now Bob! Hope you’re enjoying yourself in St Austell x

      • Bob Sproule says:

        Certainly am enjoying myself, I find it great to do something physical and repairing the gate and other things that got damaged when an ash tree fell on them is giving me the sort of challenge I like. Hope you are still having fun in the wild north, best wishes, Bob

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