Snow Boat from China Garden

It was a touch chilly when we left our mooring outside the China Garden in Hanley to head towards our winter mooring in Stone. The first snow of the year had dusted the roofs but there wasn’t much wind and the canal wasn’t frozen so it was an ideal day for our last trip of the season.



The Etruria Industrial Museum looked quite picturesque….


….as did Hanley Cemetery.


I was amazed to find these roses clinging on, despite the fact that the rest of the bush had shut down for the winter.


We managed the first five locks on our own but help was on its way! Roly and Andy met us at the top of the Meaford Locks to assist our passage down to Stone (having first warmed themselves up with a cuppa).


Their help meant that we fairly flew through the last seven locks.



Leaving plenty of time for us to enjoy a pasty……


…before meeting some of the rest of the gang in the Royal Exchange for a drink to celebrate our return ‘home’.



We’re moored up in the middle of Stone at the moment but are heading into the marina in the middle of the week to get settled into our winter berth. In preparation for this we walked to Aston today, met everyone again….


…and were provided with an amazing Sunday Roast by Sue and Andy aboard Festina Lente…..


…followed by a game of Uno – we know how to enjoy ourselves!

20151122_162527.jpgIt’s great to be back!




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