A flying visit to Cornwall

Over the late May Bank Holiday we headed off down to Cornwall for an all too brief visit. There never seems to be enough time to do everything we want to do. We really are going to have to plan a longer stay some time. We were very lucky to be able to stay in Dolphins in Mousehole with Barry and Hilary – great view, lovely house, amazing hosts!


We took a quick stroll around the harbour…..


…found our way into the Ship Inn…


..and on to meet Barry and Hilary, along with their ‘boys’ James and Dan, in the Legion. My primary reason for going down to Cornwall was for an annual blood test. I haven’t got the results yet but hopefully they will have found at least some blood in there!


The next morning saw us heading up the hill to visit the tenants who are renting our house and to have a natter to the neighbours Steve and Irene. It’s lovely to see the house being looked after so magnificently – its recent paint job looks incredible!


On then to St Just to have lunch with Sue and Chris in The Cook Book and discuss the plans for their impending wedding. No photographs of this get together as we were too busy chatting and eating.

Back into Penzance then to head to West Cornwall Hospital where our mate Cod is recovering from a devastating bout of septicaemia. As we were arriving we expected to be his only visitors but half of Newlyn & Mousehole seemed to be there. He’s got a heck of a journey ahead of him before he gets released back into the wild but his attitude is incredible. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him back in his fishing boat in the not too distant future.

Visiting Cod

We’d planned to meet up with some friends for Happy Friday in the Swordfish and the Star in Newlyn. With amazing forethought we dropped the hire car back to Mousehole and walked the couple of miles into Newlyn along the coast road. It was a glorious day and the views were as spectacular as ever.





The Swordfish is the pub where Gordon and I met, more years ago than I care to think about. It was on a Friday during Happy Hour and I’m positive that a fair few of the faces we saw on this visit were also there when we first met. We had an amazingly pleasant hour or so sitting in the ‘beer garden’ and chatting to Ben and Jackie Gunn along with all the usual Swordfish suspects.


On then to the Star next door where we got together with Marcia and Pete who are ‘nomads’ like us. They spend their winters travelling around the warmer regions of Europe in their campervan.

20160527_194959Gordon was well chuffed when his old mate Roger turned up.By good fortune, his boat is being painted so he wasn’t at sea. Needless to say a few drinks were taken!


By the time Saturday came around we were very grateful to have a much more sedate day. We drove up to Truro and met my daughter Ellie, had a lovely lunch at a garden centre cafe and went for a walk in the woods at Kennall Vale in Ponsanooth.


On the way back to Mousehole we also managed to visit my old pal Clare Trevaskis aboard her Pirate Emporium on the converted fishing boat the Ar Bageergan (affectionately known throughout the best part of its life as the Bag ‘o’ Rags) which is moored up in Penzance Harbour.




It’s a great mooring, unless of course there’s a South Easterly gale blowing and massive waves throwing heaven knows what over the harbour wall.

We spent a lovely couple of hours reliving our mis-spent years running ‘Groundwork’. I hope it’s not such a long time before we manage to catch up with each other again.



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