Back to the boat via Bristol

We left Cornwall on a gloriously sunny Sunday and headed off to visit Gordon’s family in Bristol for a day or two. We met Gordon’s sister Heather at Carey and Nick’s house and were treated to a wonderful lunch in the garden….


…with amazing views.


They installed a nesting box several years ago and had given up on it being occupied but this season a pair of bluetits with a family of three chicks has made it their home.


One of the cats was extremely interested and had to be regularly removed as the mother wouldn’t feed the babies while he was there.


The other cat was much more interested in getting some love and a comfy lap…..


….and making the most of the sunshine.


Bank holiday Monday proved to be just as glorious a day and we went to visit Kerra and Dave and their two lovely children Nathan and Rebecca.


It was a joy to play with them in the garden.


‘Granny’ Heather was in her element…..

HethNathanBrolly   20160530_162011.jpg

….as was Great Uncle Gordon!


Dave and Kerra provided us with our first barbeque of the season after which Dave gave us a tour of his unique vehicles. The first is a ‘Kubelwagen’ dating from around 1943. It was used as a people mover by the Germans in WWII. The second is a VW Camper which was converted for use by the Swiss Army as a Radio Van.

Kubelwagen            SwissVW

Dave has restored the inside to replicate what it would have looked like when it was in use in the sixties.


We’re back aboard the boat now and have finally started off on our summer/autumn cruise. Really looking forward to heading south again and to braving the Basingstoke once again. Lets hope we have more success than we did the last time!



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