Our first flight of the season

On Wednesday, after having picked up our new happy hats which were sent to us from my friend Sarah in Oz, we set out on this year’s adventure. Sun hats have been the order of the day here for much of the last week. While the south was freezing, we’ve been baking.

New Hat    MyNewHat

We’re on the Coventry Canal which is really lovely. This cottage in the middle of the two Glascote Locks is one of my favourites. The owners were there when we passed and insisted I had a look around their garden. It runs from the bottom of the first lock right up to the top of the second and Gordon found himself single handing while I was being given the tour!

GlascoteLock Cottage

This morning we set out early to head up the Atherstone flight of eleven locks. It was forecast to be a bit misty in the morning so we took advantage of this to get up the flight while the weather wasn’t too hot.


It’s a lovely flight – specially at this time of year with the blossom making the hedgerows so pretty.


We were on our own for most of the flight but towards the top we started to see other boats. This manoeuvre was a touch tricky but they did it without touching.


By the time we reached the last four locks there were three volunteer lockies helping out. The radioed eachother and locks were set for us and open by the time we arrived which really helped.


We reached the top lock around 11am which wasn’t too bad.



As we left the lock the sun came out……


…and we got to our mooring just in time for a pasty lunch. Perfect!



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4 Responses to Our first flight of the season

  1. sueellery says:

    Nice pasties – yours? And I want a close-up picture of your happy hats…

    • ewnhacul says:

      Mine of course! I’ll message you a closeup picture of the hats – Gord’s makes him look like a ‘summer cowboy’ according to my mate Diane.

  2. Marie wesson says:

    Fantastic – you lucky people. Hope to catch up this trip !!!!!
    Love the peppythredz hats❤️

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