A surprise jaunt to Oxford & a lovely afternoon tea

When we got back from our stroll around Kirtlington we got a text from Gordon’s nephew, Carey. He wanted to know if we fancied a trip into Oxford with him, his partner and Gordon’s sister Heather.  No brainer really. They picked us up in Kirtlington and off we went.

Nick went to St Peters College Oxford back in the day and he gave us a quick tour of his old Alma Mater.

A filling breakfast ……


… was followed by a stroll around the city. It was the last day of term for many of the students so there was plenty of jollity going on. Apparently, when you’ve finished your final exams, it’s traditional to get covered in gunk and drink loads of bubbly. As good a way as any to let off steam.


On a visit to the covered market we spotted the ‘oldest ham in the world’ which came to England in 1892 from America and is apparently potentially still edible. I wouldn’t like to be the one to try it.


When we walked down towards the Thames there were multitudes of hen and stag dos punting on the river. Looked like a recipe for damp disaster but none of them fell in while we were watching which, due to their rather dodgy punting skills, was a miracle!




In the late afternoon we headed back to Kirtlington for our much anticipated visit to Jane’s Enchanted Tea Garden.


Jane was as welcoming as ever and had cooked up an amazing array of cakes which we did not resist.

Jane has managed to find a group of staff who are as warm and welcoming as she is and it made for a lovely hour or so, sitting beside the canal in the sunshine enjoying copious quantities of tea and cake.


If you do happen to find yourself close by when the cafe is open it is well worth a visit – it really is a magical spot!



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