A road trip to visit Elaine

When we heard that our friend Elaine had given the go ahead for visitors, it didn’t take long to organise a trip to see her. Luckily, three boats worth of us were already in the same spot which make it rather easier. The crews of Ferndale, Festina Lente and Ewn Ha Cul, set out from Thrupp in a hire car. Andy from FL undertook the driving for the whole trip!


We broke our journey for brekkie at Aston marina and met the final two members of the party, Roly & Bev from nb Klara.


All in all 8 boaters in happy hats descended on her private room in the hospice in Macclesfield to spend some time with the lovely Elaine.

Elaine took all of this in her stride – the staff were a bit shell shocked when we arrived, but loved our attire so much that some of them were considering that the hats might make a perfect addition to their uniforms! It was wonderful to see Elaine and spend a couple of hours enjoying her company. I hope she enjoyed our visit as much as we loved seeing her and that we didn’t tire her out too much.

When Paul arrived with their friend Wendy, who’d flown in from Mojacar, we took it as our cue to leave and headed off to our hotel to prepare ourselves for an evening meal in Sutton Hall.


The following day we visited Elaine again in the morning and then called in to see Paul at his camper, before we headed back down south.


It was a flying visit, but we were all glad that we had the chance to make the trip and spend some time with Paul and Elaine – and the doggies of course!

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