Meetings and partings on the Thames

From Thrupp, we moved back down to Oxford where we were treated to a surprise visit from Sharon and Richard from nb Oakapple – they’d come in on the bus, seen that we were moored there and popped in to say hello.


Their cruise was taking them up river to Lechlade and ours down river heading for The Basingstoke, but we manged to arrange a meeting at the Days Lock Moorings close to the village of Dorchester. It’s a wonderful spot to stop as you’re right beside Wittenham Clumps which provides some incredible views.



We were also treated to a flying display by a couple of the kites that seem to be so common in this area.

On the following day we were joined by Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale and headed off to have a look at Dorchester – the Oxfordshire village, rather than the Dorset county town. On the way we passed an archaeological dig which is examining Dorchester’s Roman past.


We’ve visited the village of Dorchester before but still couldn’t resist a walk around the abbey and a visit to the George Hotel.


The weather was beautiful and Gordon, Diane and I took the slightly longer way back to the boats…..


…where we had a look at the other claim to fame of Days Lock – the bridge that plays host to the World Pooh Sticks championship.


We parted company from Sharon and Richard next day and headed off with Diane and Ray, who shared the locks with us as for a while as we headed for Reading.


Unfortunately when we got there we were hit by what we’ve come to think of as the curse of the Basingstoke when our starter motor literally went up in smoke. On the positive side, there was a place within walking distance where Gordon was able to source a new one and we were only delayed by a day.



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