A visit to Henley

Sonning is the first lock you meet on the Thames when you come out of Reading and to my mind it’s the prettiest on the river (although all of them seem to be well kept). Someone’s gone that little bit farther here and it’s a pleasure to use.

We headed down to Henley, where we met up again with the crews of Ferndale and Festina Lente…..


…got photographed by Ray doing our three wise monkeys impression….

favourite Tree

….walked into town for lunch and spotted a fire.


It was in one of the outbuildings of a restaurant and was quickly sorted, with minimal damage, but the street was closed off just in case.


The following morning was misty so I went for a stroll towards Marsh Lock – a wonderful, peaceful and beautiful way to start the day.

The sun had come out fully by the time we set out with Gordon having managed to bag his first crop of winter logs.


It was only a day after the end of the Regatta and all the paraphernalia was still in place…


….with preparations well underway for the Elton John Concert that evening.


On our way to our evening’s mooring at Cookham, we spotted No Problem XL and Still Rockin and were waved to furiously by Carol, George, Vic & Sue.


I was pleased to see that they’d found a way to subsidise their new builds – but was sorry not to be able to stop and buy an ice cream from them as we had to move on. Next time perhaps.


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