No Basingstoke Canal for us!

Last Sunday, we headed for the lovely mooring at Manor Park in Shepperton to meet up with Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale.  It’s an incredibly popular mooring and there was only room for one boat. No problem, we breasted up so that we all fitted in very nicely. We were preparing ourselves for our joint trip up the Basingstoke Canal but, no sooner had we arrived, than we received a call from the Basingstoke Canal Trust that threw all our well made plans out of the window. One of the locks on the Brookwood Flight was broken and would need to be drained before they could begin to assess the damage. We were due to start up on the following Tuesday and they couldn’t guarantee that we’d get any further than the first flight. The curse of the Basingstoke had struck again! Two attempts and two failures. Still, we were with friends, on a beautiful mooring and were soon joined by Sue and Andy from nb Festina Lente along with Sue’s mum Betty.


On our first evening I made pasties and we managed a tow path picnic (photo courtesy of Ray & Diane)


We planned a more complex extravaganza the following evening. Sue had given me a few foody magazines earlier and I’d found a recipe for Bourbon Biscuit Brownies. It was a perfect opportunity to try them out. They didn’t come out too bad at all!


During the day we tootled  into Shepperton for a wander around. Sue and Andy used to live there and took us to view their old house. They were too embarrassed to pose right outside so we had to make do with a photograph from across the road.


In the evening, everyone had cooked bits and pieces and we had a feast! We had intended it to be out on the riverbank but unfortunately the weather decided differently so we adjourned inside Festina Lente.

Sue’s mum, Betty, seemed to enjoy herself, as did the rest of us.


By sunset, the weather had cleared up nicely and it was a lovely peaceful scene.




The next morning we went our separate ways with us, along with Ferndale, heading back south while Festina Lente made her way north.


Hopefully we’ll see them in Mojacar next March, unless we happen to bump into them on the waterways again later in the year of course!

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