Off the Thames and into London

A couple of weeks ago we parted company from Ray and Diane at Kingston Upon Thames…….


…and were joined by Linda and Richard from nb Mary H to head down the tidal Thames towards London.

The jaunt up from Brentford to Bull’s Bridge was a hot one but made much easier by having company working the locks.

We detoured to Uxbridge to pick up some fuel and gas and had a lovely tow path barbeque to say goodbye to Linda, Richard and of course Muffin, before they headed north.

Having got our fuel, we turned around and headed south to London where we were joined by my daughter Ellie and received a visit from my grandson Jamie and his girlfriend Nicky. Kensington Gardens are close to Paddington and it was a lovely day so we had a stroll before heading for a cooling drink at a local pub with a familiar name.

On a recommendation from Jamie we headed down to Brick Lane the next day to sample a salt beef bagel from Beigel Bake. The bagel was the best I’ve ever tasted and the market was wonderful!

The next day we took a walk along the canal from Little Venice to Camden.

Gordon attempted to introduce Ellie to the joys of bunny ears in photographs…


…though I don’t think she quite grasped the concept of it.


On Ellie’s final morning we were joined again by Jamie and Nicky and we headed for a brunch at Cafe Laville which sits on the Regents Canal, astride the entrance to the Maida Vale Tunnel.


A lovely start to our London stay.


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