Inside Tower Bridge

One of the top items on our London ‘bucket list’ was a visit to Tower Bridge.  Diane from Ferndale (otherwise known as the twofer queen) had given us a booklet, available at overground stations, that contains two for one offers on London attractions provided you produce a British Rail ticket – any British rail ticket. We rather nervously tried it out (on account of the ticket we were using was for a trip to Saxmundham) but there was no problem – they just glanced at the it before allowing us in at half price – bargain! We arrived early and there wasn’t much of a queue but, as you go up in a lift in batches, it was taking a while to get people through so we took their offer of climbing up the wonderful Victorian staircase.


I don’t know exactly how many steps we toiled up, but it was worth the effort as we got to see the building from the inside.

When we reached the top we went out onto the two high level walkways that offered spectacular views both across London….


…and beneath our feet on the glass floors.



By the time we left and headed down to the Engine Rooms, we saw the bridge in a completely different light as we’d looked down from the windows and viewed the people and traffic from a totally different angle. You can’t actually see anyone standing on the glass floor when you’re back on terra firma but we waved up anyway.

Gordon was in his element in the engine room, where one of the two engines was steaming away gently.

After we left and headed to The Draft House for lunch there was some drama on the bridge. Police cars blocked off the road and an ambulance was parked on the bridge. Apparently there was a ‘jumper’. I couldn’t find any information on news sites about the fate of this poor soul. Apparently it’s such a common occurrence in London that it doesn’t warrant any column inches at all. A brief moment of inconvenience, then everyone proceeded about their business as if nothing had happened.



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2 Responses to Inside Tower Bridge

  1. Mike Muir says:

    I am jealous! I did not know you could do this. Good for you.
    Mike muir

    • ewnhacul says:

      To be honest Mike neither did we until we were given the two for one booklet. As soon as I saw that they had a glass floor I was determined to get there!

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