Walks around London

For the last few days we’ve headed off on walks rather than planning to visit a specific attraction. On one day we wandered down the South Bank and the Embankment past some of the most recognisable parts of the city. I needed somewhere to sit and wait for a phone call from my GP about sorting medication. Couldn’t have found anywhere better than right opposite the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben donging away in the background.


After Paddington we moved on to Islington where we were extremely lucky to find a free spot to moor – someone was just pulling out as we arrived. It’s provided us with a great base for exploring the East End – and it’s right beside a good pub – the Rosemary Branch.

Last Sunday we headed out to walk to Brick Lane for another treat from Beigel Bakes. While we were strolling through Bethnal Green we came  across this colourful and joyful celebration of the Bangladeshi New Year with its performances, parades and food stalls.


Just up from where we’re moored we spotted this flowery boat which my mate Nige christened ‘the boat-anical gardens’…..

…and in a park near Angel, this artwork in a tree.

BirdBoxTree     20160801_122710

Always something new to see. We’re planning to stay here for another couple of days and do some more exploring. I reckon a visits to a few markets are on the cards – including Billingsgate if we can manage to drag ourselves out of bed in time!





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