Farewell Elaine

Last Wednesday saw us, together with Ray and Diane from Ferndale, head off to Macclesfield  for the funeral of our very dear friend Elaine. So many people were there to say goodbye including boating friends from far and wide. The readings given by Elaine’s nieces Leyna and Josie-Beth were wonderful and Paul’s tribute was amazing. It was a beautiful service, led by a minister who had known and loved Elaine.

There really aren’t the words to say how wonderful this lady was and to describe the impact she had on my life and indeed the lives of everyone around her. Without doubt she was the kindest, most generous and lovely soul that I’ve ever encountered and she will be missed.

I consider myself lucky to have known her and been her friend. We knew her for such a short time but shared so many wonderful memories! Thank you and farewell Elaine.

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2 Responses to Farewell Elaine

  1. paul macey says:

    Thank you Dot, lovely words and pics xxx

  2. Ann Nb Rock & Roll says:

    How lovely are your words for Elaine.

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