Out of London and heading north

Our last week or so in the London area was spent around Yiewsley, just outside Uxbridge. On the surface, not a very pretty spot but it’s actually a bit of a water wonderland. It’s got the Grand Union Canal, the River Fray and the River Colne and Little Britain Lake (so called because it’s got a roughly Britannic shape – ish)


We took a few walks exploring various aspects of the area. On one side of the canal Yiewsley and West Drayton are fairly typical London Suburbs. On the other you have this…..

Today, in some distinctly autumnal weather, we officially left the London area and are heading north for the winter. We know we’re out of London ‘cos we went under the M25 – twice!



We’ve spent the best part of the summer in the south east this year and the weather has been very kind to us. The last few weeks in and around London have been particularly glorious and we’ve made the most of them. When you’re in London there’s always something to do but you’re so busy doing it that blogging about it takes a bit of a back seat. In the next few  weeks we’re heading back up north over old territory which leaves nothing much to blog about. Rather than try and condense the last week or so in London into one enormous post, I’ve decided to put up photographs of our trips out, in a section added to the next few posts I write. As the weather worsens it should have the added bonus of bringing back a touch of sunshine.

The London bit

A trip to Kew Gardens


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