Living the good life on the Grand Union Canal

Living on a canal boat certainly means that you’re lucky enough to get up close and personal with wildlife every day…

OK, the cat’s not exactly a wild animal but it was lovely that it paid us a brief visit from its own boat moored nearby.

Even some of the lock gates get in on the act. I know these plants are not very good for the gates as they destroy the wood, but it is very attractive to look at.


There are also multiple opportunities for forraging. Gordon is happiest in autumn when he finds a good supply of wood that we can use for the winter.


There’ve also been loads of pickings in the hedgerows this year….

…I’m going to have to put in a fair few hours making jams, jellies, cakes and crumbles over the next week or so!

The London Bit 

One of the excursions we enjoyed while we were in London was a guided walking tour arranged by Fun London Tours. It was called Hidden London and it was included in the two for one brochure if you had a train ticket so it was amazingly good value. It lasted for about an hour and a half, had a fascinating commentary and took in, amongst other things, a cabman’s shelter erected in around 1875 for London Cabbies to shelter while staying close to their horse and carriage, a disused tube station (outside only unfortunately), Samuel Johnson’s house, St Clements Church, one of the dragons that mark the entrance to the City of London and the church that inspired the design of the tiered wedding cake.

We passed by Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub which was allegedly Samuel Johnson’s local. The lower levels of the pub are in the old cellars of the long gone Carmelite Priory. When the tour finished it would have been rude not to take a look.

Very atmospheric and rather reminiscent of cellar bars in Krakow in Poland.


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