A trip down the Shropshire Union

We’ve finally set out on our travels again. We headed down Heartbreak Hill with the sterling help of Sue and Andy from nb Festina Lente….

…before heading along the Shropshire Union Middlewich Branch and onto the Shropshire Union proper. It really is a very beautiful canal, although it is a touch cold on the embankments when the breeze blows.

The by washes at the locks can also prove a touch challenging!


At the bottom of the Audlem Flight we were unexpectedly joined by Carol and Stuart from nb Kathleen May. We moored beside them in Saul Junction marina for a couple of years and haven’t bumped into them for a while so it was great to catch up and to meet their delightful, if mischievous, new dog, Becca.


After Audlem, our first major stop was at Nantwich, where we spent a couple of days. The weather was glorious and we headed across the fields to the village of Acton where there’s a beautiful church with Anglo Saxon origins.

We wandered across the fields taking a rather circuitous route into Nantwich town.


There’s another St Mary’s church here and although younger than the one at Acton is almost cathedral like. It’s octagonal tower reminded me of the one on Ely Cathedral



It’s a wonderful building with some beautiful stained glass….

and some exquisitely carved misericord seats.

When we bought the boat our first mooring was at Norbury Junction. We had always meant to go and visit the nearby Anchor Inn but somehow never got around to it. We weren’t going to miss the chance again and we moored right outside it. The pub is run by Olive and has been for over 40 years, having changed very little during that time. It was a freezing cold day so Olive’s coal fire and excellent beer were very welcome.



We’re off the ‘Shroppie’ now and heading for Birmingham where we’ll be joining the BCN Society spring cruise – really looking forward to it!


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2 Responses to A trip down the Shropshire Union

  1. Carol Winton says:

    We are just heading up Heart Break Hill into Middlewich sorry we missed you. Love as always Dot, shall not forget you kindness. Love Carol. nb. Wintons Folly x

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