Down the Severn to Tewkesbury

Last week we set out from Stourport onto our first river of the year, The Severn.


As we were descending the Stourport staircase locks I noticed the working boat Bramble and thought the number seemed a bit familiar. It turns out that Bramble has the same Fleet Id number as Mallus – just different fleets.

Heading out on the Severn can be a bit risky if the river is running high after heavy rain so we always check the flood warning boards before we set out. As we left Stourport the river was down in the green area indicating that it’s safe to head out…


…by the time we got to the next lock and had a look, the river here was in orange which means you can continue to travel but should be cautious.


There wasn’t anything much to worry about so we carried on down to Worcester where we stopped for the night. We’ve been there before quite a few times so didn’t do any sight seeing before setting out the next day to head for Tewkesbury.


The Severn is wide and, like the Trent, is used as a kind of boat motorway to quickly get from North to South and vice versa. It is also very beautiful, specially as you approach the section with views across to the Malverns.

It had been several years since we stopped in Tewkesbury and we spent a day being tourists, wandering around the town…

…visiting the Abbey…

…having lunch in the Berkeley Arms, an old and very friendly Wadworth’s pub where Gordon got an excellent pint of 6X (it was an extremely warm day so the Santa hanging in the alleyway looked particularly out of place!)…


…and walking around the Severn Ham, a large meadow between the Severn and the Avon, that acts as a flood plain for the town. Tewkesbury does still flood in particularly bad weather, but, without this area of ground, conditions would be immeasurably worse.

We’ve been along the Avon twice now. Once in our own boat, once on a hire boat. We always took the minimum amount of time to do it and didn’t stop off at any of the local towns. This time we got a 7 day licence and decided to make the most of it as we headed off under King John’s Bridge heading for Pershore.





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