Up the Avon to Pershore

It was a bit cloudy, but clearing nicely, as we set out from Tewkesbury up The Avon towards Stratford.

By the time we got to Pershore Lock the weather was lovely. The weir there has a couple of Archimedes Screws for electricity generation. We spotted some beside a lock on the River Ouse a few years ago and I’m surprised there aren’t more around as it does seem like an obvious way of generating power.


The moorings in Pershore are beside a park and playing field and also (conveniently for boaters) beside an large Asda and a good indoor market.


We took a wander around Pershore, which is a pretty town. Some buildings have balconies that are more reminiscent of New Orleans than Worcestershire.



We also had a look around the Abbey which is comtemporary with Tewkesbury Abbey but didn’t fare quite so well during Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monastries. A large chunk of it was demolished but the part that remains was saved by the locals to be their parish church.


What is now the nave was originally the monks’ choir.


There’s also some lovely glass from the 1800s.

Outside, in Abbey Park, there’s a sculpture created from a tree stump called ‘Leafing Through History’…

…and adjacent to the Park is the old abbey Almonry, which dates back to the 1500s, was restored in 1973 and is now a rather lovely private residence.


That evening we found our way to The Millers Arms on Bridge Street, a lovely pub with great beer. We managed to meet up and have a few drinks with the Lockie from Tewkesbury who was there with her hubby on her day off. Great to hear all their tales of what the lock keepers house is like during a flood! In mild floods, wellies are the order of the day but in the worst conditions they have a wire set up connected to a neighbour’s house up the hill. They can then get to dry land in a boat using the wire to pull themselves across. That’s what I call being prepared!



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