A well travelled route

Once we left Manchester we were back on very familiar waters. We headed for one of our favourite moorings on the Trent and Mersey,  a wonderful quiet spot, with views over the river Weaver.


Spring is a wonderful time to be on the canals, there’s so much new life


and the floral displays are amazing.



There are a fair few locks to traverse starting at Middlewich…


…with the assistance of a hungry heron…


…up Heartbreak Hill …

…to Red Bull and the junction with the Macclesfield (I love this pimped up shed opposite the Red Bull Services)…


…before you reach Harecastle Tunnel.


I remember how intimidating this tunnel was when we first went through it on a hire boat. We’ve been through so many times now that it’s become familiar, but it’s an experience that’s just enough outside your comfort zone to make it exciting each time.


On the other side of the tunnel we moored at another favourite spot, Westport Lake. On a walk around, we spotted this chap who’d persuaded some passers by to photograph him proudly holding a massive carp that he’d just caught.


We were heading for a get together with our friends Roly and Bev at Great Haywood so we passed through the industrial landscape of Stoke-on-Trent, stopping off for a night in Stone for a beer or two in the Royal Exchange and The Swan. The next day we passed Aston Marina, where we have overwintered six times now.

Who knows if there’ll be a seventh? We certainly don’t!


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