BCNS 50th Anniversary Rally & the end of the 24 Hour Challenge

The day after we helped out on the Explorer Cruise life got a bit hectic! On Wednesday morning Gordon discovered that he had a hospital appointment down in Penzance on Friday – in two days’ time! He hastily arranged for a hire car, drove down on the Thursday and stayed with his sister Heth.

This meant that he missed the visit of Phil Jones Hammersley from Black Country Radio, dressed in his spectacular test card print suit. He interviewed Bob Fox, the Editor of the BCNS magazine, Boundary Post and Martin O’Keefe, the society President. Tug and Kirsty, cowering in the corner were trying, unsuccessfully to stay out of shot. To be fair, the official photographs were being taken from in front so none of the photo bombing here would have been visible.


Gordon got to his appointment in Penzance and drove back to Titford on Friday evening in order to meet up with Atlas and Malus on Saturday to do the 24 hour challenge. The boats were leaving from Hawne Basin at 8am and he couldn’t drop the hire car back until 9am. Phil Barlow came to the rescue and offered to follow him to West Brom to drop the car back, then drive him to Windmill End to meet Atlas on the way through. Should have been easy except that his car wouldn’t start! Not an issue, he got Dave Dent’s permission to use the BCN van as it was on BCN business. Half an hour later, having dropped off the hire car, Gordon was back at the Pumphouse. The van had also broken down. In the end Kirsty braved the run of bad luck and risked carrying the Jonah, along with all the food and drink for Atlas and Malus, to Windmill End, this time without incident. What a palaver!

I didn’t manage to get many photos of the Rally as I was busy running the Tea Stall and helping out on the Burger Bar, which is why I too wasn’t on the Challenge on Atlas & Malus. I was very lucky to have had a load of wonderful cakes donated to sell and also a group of great volunteers to help me run the stall. Without them I’d have been lost. Thank you very much to everyone who helped or donated cakes and to Kirsty for taking me shopping for supplies. Shame I didn’t get around to taking any photos of it.

There were plenty of tugs doing runs to and from Titford Pools…


…and at 11.30ish on Saturday (just three and a half hours after the start of the challenge) the crew of the first boat reported in. Apparently they do this every year in an attempt to come last then enjoy the rest of their time visiting the beer tent and the burger van.


On Sunday, I managed to squeeze some time off to meet Atlas and Malus coming back up the Crow.


They were fairly near the head of a growing queue of boats…

…making their way slowly but surely up all six locks.

…to reach the finish at the top.

Jeff took a well earned rest…


…before posing with the rest of the mob for the obligatory crew photograph.


There wasn’t really any room for them at the top so having finished the challenge they proceeded to cause¬†mayhem and confusion by turning around just above the top lock…

…and mooring up below it just outside the Pumphouse.


Several drinks were then consumed to celebrate them having got back in one piece.


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