Clearing up and saying goodbye

I’ve been way behind myself with the blog recently. If I’ve had the time to do it I’ve not had the phone signal and vice versa. Excuses, excuses! Today I’ve got time, phone signal and I’m going to try to catch up a bit.

After the last few boats had left Titford, it was time to clear up a bit before we too headed down the Crow and on with our summer’s travels.

Gordon volunteered to clean the floor behind the bar.


I washed the aprons and towels from the tea stall and hung them out to dry. The horse looks like it’s got a bib and a nosebag!


Tug dog sat and enjoyed the last of the beer – mind you he’d just spent an hour or more, on a boiling hot day, seeing the last few boats down the Crow so he deserved it.


Kirsty ran around sorting things out like one possessed but she moved too fast for me to photograph her efforts!

Kirsty, Tug and Paul hauled the mud weight that had been fished out of one of the side ponds in the Crow, off the back of Phil’s boat. It’s going to be cleaned up  in preparation for it being displayed as an ‘historical artifact’ along with the rest of the collection in the pumphouse. It has been christened the ‘BCNS Anaconda’.


Just some shopping to do before we set off.  Kirsty kindly took us to Asda and, along with Phil, waited patiently while we finished making our purchases…


…before seeing us down the Crow for the last time this year – probably.


Bye bye and thanks for a great week, full of work and laughs, sprinkled with copious amounts of alcohol.

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