A week in Liverpool

We were planning on a seven day stay in Liverpool before setting out across the Mersey and up the Ship Canal. The weather decided differently as the wind was going to be too strong on the day we’d originally planned to make the crossing. We ended up with ten days instead. Still, Liverpool is full of stuff to do and see, much of which I’ve written about in previous blogs.

One new thing we found this time was a tour of the Queensway Tunnel led by Ryan and Ja Ching. There are loads of steps involved in this tour, some of them luckily bypassed by lifts for the less fit.


All in all it was a fascinating trip underground with a look at the massive fans that keep the air in the tunnel breathable, a stop in one of the emergency safety refuges built after the Mont Blanc disaster, a trip out on a platform to peer at the traffic going through the tunnel and some wonderful glimpses into Liverpool as it was before the docks under the Liver Building and the Cunard Building were filled in.

We were also extremely lucky to find that the Terracotta Army Exhibition was in town. We managed to get tickets at the door by going at 10am when the World Museum opened. It was extremely popular and hence was quite crowded. There were loads of horses…

…some tiny, armless naked statues that originally had wooden moveable arms and were dressed in uniforms made of silk and linen.


… but most importantly six original terracotta figures that could be viewed up close with only a low glass partition between you and them. They were the most popular part of the exhibition and there was a large queue to shuffle past them but nobody was hurrying you along so there was plenty of time to view them at your leisure.


When my daughter Ellie and her friend Kath turned up we headed off to Crosby Beach to look at Anthony Gormley’s Another Place statues. Gordon and I went the last time we were in Liverpool but this trip was better as the tide was fully out and there were more statues visible. Our previous visit was in the summer and the beach was busy but this time we more or less had it to ourselves.


A couple of the statues are now sitting at a jaunty angle but it’s amazing how well they’ve weathered over the years.

We also managed to find a new place for lunch in the middle of the Baltic Triangle. The Baltic Bakehouse sells delicious sourdough breads baked fresh on the premises. It also does a wonderful range of sandwiches and some great coffee.

The Baltic Fleet Pub was a favourite of ours on our last visit and we were pleased to see that it hadn’t changed. It’s a wonderful place to sit and watch the world go by.


We went there on a Wednesday evening to take part in their quiz. We failed to trouble the scorers I’m afraid, but we did win a spot prize for being the closest to guessing (and it was a guess) the number of Beatles studio albums.


We’ll probably be eating Swizzles sweets for the next year!

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2 Responses to A week in Liverpool

  1. Richard says:

    I must have missed you as you passed along the Bridgewater. were are you aiming for after the Mersey? Hope all well.Richard NB Pendle Warter.

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